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XTQ type automatic elution dual-use machine

XTQ type automatic elution dual-use machine

  • XTQ type automatic elution dual-use machine
XTQ type automatic elution dual-use machine
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XTQ type automatic elution dual-use machine:

This machine adopts large LCD screen computers for the whole control. In Chinese and display form to realize the man-machine dialogue in Chinese, has the structure is simple, accurate, stable and reliable performance characteristics.

High quality stainless steel, inner barrel, barrel structure, high corrosion resistance performance.

Using variable frequency speed regulation system, small startup current, low consumption, stable running.

Total suspended ultra-low vibration and total suspended structure and configure damping buffer system, makes the whole machine shock absorption rate is above 95%, can be installed on the floor.

Machine has a number of display, alarm, detection, convenient for machine maintenance, safety and brake application make the whole machine performance more perfect.

With high XiJingDu, high dehydration rate, low energy consumption, low labor intensity, high efficiency, low for fabric wear.

Suitable for hotels, guest houses, hotels, colleges, medical and professional laundry factory, laundry washing cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber and other clothing and fabric.

Jiangsu taizhou trans-oceanic washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (0523-86861688, 13301430058) is one of the country's largest production of washing clothing and fabric mechanical and hotel/hotel/medical washing machines professional manufacturers, with decades of production experience, the real national standard production of stainless steel products are widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, silk, leather, knitting garment finishing, washing, sand washing, stone mill, sand blasting, dyeing and other garment processing business, as well as hotels, hotels, guest houses, medical and other laundry washing processing business and other fields. Product quality excellent, the network marketing are operated by the most preferential price. Hope to visit our company or contact us. 13301430058.

Main products include: washing, drying machine, ironing machine, industrial washing machine, washing machine, cowboy atone washing machine, silk, denim sandblasting machine, sand washing machine, industrial machine, centrifugal machine, dryer, ironing machine, automatic elution dual-use machine, latex dryers, latex foam washing machine, knead leather grain machine, dry rubbing machine, water rubbing machine etc series products. Widely used in textile, dyeing, knitting, silk, chemical fiber, clothing, apparel, hotels, schools, medical and other industries.

This company product the machine warranty for one year, life-long after-sales service and provide spare parts, the zealous welcome general merchants calls, letters, come to negotiate business, common development.

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